February 22, 2019

Finger Splint

Top 5 Best Selling Finger Splints

Here we have sourced out the top five effective splints for trigger finger and/or trigger thumb for 2019. They come from Arrow Splints, one of the fastest growing retailers within the health and personal care products industry. The mission of this list is simple, provide effective brace products that are quality, comfortable, and offer great value for every customer and client. Enjoy our top 5 picks out of the many splints and braces listed on the Arrow Splints website.

    1. mallet finger splint is designed to fit your pinky finger, ring finger, middle finger, or index finger and is designed from high-grade neoprene.  The neoprene allows for maximum air flow to keep your hand and fingers dry throughout the day and night. It is a discreet version, offering extra support from the palm of the hand.  This reduces range of movement and is great for sport injuries, post-surgery sensitivity, and trigger finger popping and pain. It also comes with a comfortable finger sleeve.
  1. This trigger finger splint can be designed to fit your pinky finger, ring finger, middle finger or index finger and, like all Arrow Splints, it’s made from high quality neoprene. This version is simple, yet very effective in reducing range of finger movement and finger pain.  It is one-size-fits-all for adolescent children, women, and men. 
  2. trigger finger extension splint is a great option when you need to immobilize your finger during rehabilitation. It does not limit your everyday tasks, but its wrist support is designed to freeze any range of motion that you might have at the base of your finger. This is great post-surgery or when the pain you experience is located at the base of your finger where your finger meets your palm. 
  3. This thumb splint & wrist brace completely limits the range of motion of your thumb, allowing for a speedy recovery of trigger thumb. You will find immediate pain relief when comforted and cushioned within the high-grade neoprene brace. With an additional thumb exerciser to add to recovery, what’s not to lose?
  4. The trigger finger rehab kit is a value combination kit, providing you with the extension splint which is great for nighttime wear and the smaller finger brace which is more suitable for daily use on the go. You also receive a bonus compression sleeve to help you maintain that healthy active lifestyle. 


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