Knee Brace with Patella Stabilizers and Compression Knee Sleeve Support


Why the Arrow Splints Knee Brace?

While other knee braces are cheaply made offering no support, don't stay in place, & offer no warranty, our knee brace is built with dual side stabilizers and an open-patella design for maximum knee support. In addition, your knee support is secured by 3 EXTRA-STRENGTH FASTENERS and lined with our NON-SLIP GRIP to protect from unwanted movement. Lastly, and most important, purchase with confidence with our 1 YEAR PRODUCT REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions before purchasing we're happy to help🙂


The Arrow Splints Knee Brace and Knee Brace Compression Sleeve is the ultimate all-in-one knee pain relief support system for running, arthritis, torn meniscus, ACL tear or sprain, and sports. First, the knee brace has two powerful stabilizers on each side of the knee brace for added lateral knee support and it's secured by three extra-strength fasteners to keep your knee brace from unwanted movement. The extra-soft padded cushion offers additional patella support from patella injuries such as patellar tracking disorder, patellofemoral pain syndrome, patella subluxation, and patellar tendonitis.

knee brace

Knee Compression Sleeve

The knee compression sleeve is perfect for knee rehabilitation exercises or active wearing during sport activities such as working out at the gym, basketball, CrossFit, hiking or running. Both the knee support and knee sleeve are lined with extra non-slip grip to keep your knee brace from sliding down your knee during such activities. 

knee sleeve

What knee pain injuries does this brace help with? 

Can be used for lateral patellofemoral, patellar tracking disorder, lateral unloader knee brace for osteoarthritis, patella subluxation, dislocated knee injury, patellofemoral pain syndrome, MCL sprain, patellar tear, torn meniscus, LCL sprain, meniscus pain, knee sprains, knee arthritis, runner’s knee, knee tendonitis, jumper’s knee, post surgery knee support, chondromalacia, PCL sprain, patellar tendonitis, and quadriceps tendon tear. The strong yet lightweight compression knee sleeve keeps your joints and tendons warm helping reduce unwanted inflammation.


 knee brace for torn meniscus


Both the knee brace and compression knee sleeve consist of our premium fabric that keeps optimal joint temperature during your daily activities. Our signature fabric wicks away moisture to keep your knee dry all day and night long. In addition, the knee sleeve offers optimal muscle support during workouts and everyday activities. Lastly, both knee braces can be paired together with for added support.


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Purchase with confidence! Knee braces go through a lot of wear and tear during the healing process and wasting money and time on a new brace every 3 weeks is unnecessary! That's why we offer our unmatched 12 month product replacement warranty. Once you've purchased your knee brace simply activate your warranty (located top right of page) and rest well knowing you have a 12 month product replacement warranty. 


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