Thumb Spica Splint Wrist Brace + Gel Thumb Brace

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Arrow Splints™ is a small family business with a history of finger issues so we understand the importance of immobilization during the thumb rehab stage but also understand the need for mobility and exercise when the time is right. This is why we combined our signature thumb splint with our elastic finger exerciser to give our customers options, flexibility, and not limit your everyday tasks. 

In addition, our high quality, premium grade neoprene thumb spica splint allows for maximum breathability which leaves your hand dry and comfortable throughout the day and at night while you sleep.

Also, the lightweight built-in aluminum support offers maximum comfort and keeps your thumb immobilized for optimum rehabilitation.

Can also be used for:

  1. Sprained thumb or joint
  2. Ligament tears
  3. Post-surgery care
  4. Thumb & Wrist immobilization
  5. Soft tissue injuries
  6. Tendonitis
  7. Carpal tunnel
  8. CMC Restriction
  9. Sport injuries
  10. Alleviates popping, bending, soreness


Thank you for choosing Arrow Splints™. We wish you a speedy recovery ?

  • 💪DURABILITY & CUSTOM FIT: Each thumb splint has built-in pliable aluminum bar for sound structure and 3 easy adjustable straps to fit different thumb and wrist shapes and sizes. Designed to fit both right handed and left handed men and women. Medium or large hands can wear this splint as it accommodates wrist 5.5-10.5 inches.
  • 🛡️FULL THUMB PROTECTION: Whether you are playing sports, working machinery, or simply typing and email our thumb splint offers complete protection for trigger thumb, a broken thumb, a fractured thumb, rheumatoid arthritis, ligament tears, sprained, post-operative care, complete immobilization, thumb pain relief, sprained thumb or joint, ligament tears, post-surgery care, soft tissue injury, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel
  • 💥BONUS: The Arrow Splints thumb splint is designed to immobilize the full thumb and wrist area. Arrow Splints recognize that having your thumb immobilized all day isn’t practical for most, so you’ll receive a **BONUS** elastic finger exerciser to speed up your recovery and strengthen your thumb and hand are with daily exercises.
  • 🤝OUR COMMITMENT: Arrow Splints is one of the most recognized splint brands in America and it's our mission is to provide the most value and function for every customer during their thumb rehabilitation. If for any reason our finger splint did not meet your needs we have a 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year product replacement warranty.
  • COMFORT: The premium neoprene wicks away moisture which allows for optimal breathability and comfort throughout the day and at night while you sleep.


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