Finger Splint + Finger Sleeve

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The last finger splint you'll ever need!

Our signature finger splint comes with TWO fasteners that can be completely removed for versatile sizing and finger positioning. This is the perfect finger splint for trigger finger, mallet finger, or even a broken or fractured finger. The Arrow Splints finger splint is highly effective, affordable, and durable! (Check out our warranty below)

What finger will it fit?

The most versatile finger splint ever can be worn as a pinky finger splint, index finger splint, middle finger brace, ring finger splint, and even a thumb splint.

brace for pinky finger

💥BONUS 💥 Finger Compression Sleeve included with order!

The finger compression sleeve is the perfect addition to your finger pain injury. You can wear the finger sleeve throughout the day to prevent further injury or you can wear the finger sleeve as a base layer beneath the finger splint for added support. This versatile finger sleeve is the perfect compliment to your new extension finger brace.

finger sleeve

What finger injuries does this splint help with?

The Arrow Splints finger splint can be used as a trigger finger splint, middle finger splint, brace for mallet finger, finger sprain or finger joint pain, finger ligament tear, post surgery finger cast, knuckle immobilizer, soft tissue finger injuries, finger tendonitis, carpal finger, finger Rheumatoid arthritis, and sport injuries such as baseball or basketball finger injuries. 

Easy to put on. Multiple wearing options.

finger splint 


Purchase with confidence! Finger braces go through a lot of wear and tear during the healing process and wasting money and time on a new finger brace every 3 weeks is unnecessary! That's why we offer our unmatched 60 day product replacement warranty. Once you've purchased your finger splint simply activate your warranty (located top right of page) and rest well knowing you have a 60 day product replacement warranty. 


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